Friday, November 18, 2011

An unexpected breakfast treat in Dallas

I love it when I find an unexpected gem. That's exactly what happened when a local guy told me not to miss the breakfast tacos at Rusty Taco near the SMU campus in Dallas. Looking a lot like a converted gas station, this is the kind of place you might ride by all your life and never stop.

There are about seven styles of breakfast taco offered, all served on made in the store and freshly grilled soft tortillas. I had one each of the jalapeno sausage and the chorizo.

Also available are vegetarian versions, a brisket taco and several others. All are served with egg and cheese. Three house made hot sauces and several bottled sauces are available to add a heat level of your choice. Everything was fresh, served piping hot and the ingredients were full of savory goodness. If you're in Dallas and can get to one of their three locations, do. I'm going back for the lunch versions next time I'm in town.

Did I mention that all the breakfast tacos were only $2.00 each?

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