Who is A Reluctant Foodie?

Not that you really care, but....

I'm originally from New Jersey and have lived in Pennsylvania (twice), New York (twice), Alabama, New Jersey (again), Kentucky (briefly) and currently in Northern Virginia. Along with my fairly extensive domestic travel, my reasonably broad overseas travel has exposed me to a wide variety of foods. However, it wasn't until I met and married Cynthia that food became important to me. If you're reading the blog, I'm sure you've realized by now that Cynthia is the inspiration for my love of food. My love of beer? I brought that to the table all by myself.

In November of 2011, I decided that I wanted to adopt the Meatless Monday philosophy.  I had heard about it a while before that, but around that time I did quite a bit of reading on the topic and decided to give it a try. Cynthia jumped right on board and has been a real trooper about keeping Monday night dinners meatless, interesting, nutritionally balanced and fun. I am, however, on my own the rest of the day. We've pledged to not take the simple route (salads, pasta, etc) and to really work at expanding our vegetable and grain horizons.

Why am I blogging? At first, I was convinced it was a way to "keep me honest", you know, having to report each week. But several months into it I realized how much I was enjoying writing, not only about Meatless Monday, but occasionally about other things. As I said earlier, I love beer, so you will see the occasional post about it here.

Cynthia and I are fortunate. We get to travel some, eat out when we want, (although the food I get at home is often better) and we live in a part of the country we love. We moved to Northern Virginia in 2009 and are enjoying life with our two Cocker Spaniels, Cooper and Jack.

Cynthia owns and runs her own floral design business, Design In Bloom, which specializes in weddings and corporate events. If you are in need of flowers for an event in the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC or Maryland area, you can find her contact information on the website.

I hope you find the things I write about interesting. I love to hear from readers and am happy to respond to questions and comments. Thanks for reading!

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