My favorite photos

4 year old tomato sauce - aged perfectly!

Think we're related? Same hairline....
My Home Town
Stuff we like to grow
Flowers in Rome

Various greens form our cold frame
Little Jack

Roast Chicken - Zuni Cafe - San Francisco
Cynthia's 5 types of onions and risotto
Jackson playing possum
A new friend in Amsterdam

Cynthia's beets, parsnips and carrots (from a Charlie Trotter recipe)

After a couple of days of rain in the woods behind our house

Hotties in Seattle

Cyn at the original Starbucks

Safeco Field

Is a comment needed?

Cooper chillin' in the Outer Banks
Cooper at dawn
From our garden

All wild bushes in our yard/neighborhood
Jackson (maybe the best picture I've ever taken of anything)
At the Summer Palace in Beijing
At Vatican City
Il Colosseo
market in Rome
Market in Rome

Target Field, Minneapolis
Happy Valley Race Track - Hong Kong
Dinner choices in Hong Kong
At the Summer Palace in Beijing
I own this beach!
Cooper at sunrise

New squeaky toy or little brother?
The great brown hunter
The Great Wall outside Beijing

Jack having a bad day
Yes, I know how to sit

Pea on this, Pea on that

Peas have a reputation.  And it ain't good - starchy and a weird color, very often the color of something a babe has recycled. But in fa...