Thursday, November 3, 2011

So It Begins...

No, I'm not a vegetarian. I firmly believe a life devoid of (good) bacon isn't worth living. That having been said, I am embarking on what I hope will be a year long journey of Meatless Mondays.

Why? Well, because I want to is the most honest answer I have to offer. At age 58, and in reasonably good health, I already eat way less meat than at any other point in my life. Now I want to see if I can institutionalize that, at least one day a week.

Can I do it? I think so. After all this confirmed lover of craft beer gave up alcohol for 30 day periods each of the last two years just to prove that I could. The end game is nothing more than being able to say that I set a goal and accomplished it.

Will it be easy? I doubt it - but not for the obvious reasons. I certainly won't miss meat one day a week. However, I'll need help. First, my beautiful and talented wife is a very accomplished cook. You'll notice I didn't call her a chef because, being self taught, she feels unqualified to claim that title. Please know that there are a lot of working chefs that would like to have her knowledge and skills in their kitchen. Obviously I'll need Cynthia to be in on this.

Secondly, I travel in my work. Eating three healthy meals a day on the road is enough of a challenge. Now I will need to eliminate meat when I'm away on a Monday.

Lastly will be the three meals a day thing itself. Breakfast, pretty easy unless there is the aforementioned good bacon available. Lunch, harder. No quick turkey sandwiches. No leftover chili from last night's dinner at home. No Healthy Choice Entrees that have meat. Dinner? Actually the easiest, I think. Salads, veggies, pasta, potatoes are all both literally and figuratively on the table.

I hope making the commitment to write this down and file a report at least weekly will keep me honest. I also hope that anyone reading it will find some humor, some interest and may even be willing to offer me their thoughts and comments on occasion.

Since it's Thursday as I write this, I have four days to prepare for day one of fifty two.

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