Saturday, January 31, 2015

Romancing the Egg - Part One

Last week I wrote this post exposing my irrational fear of eggs, the basis for it and my plan to begin to deal with it. Knowing that it would be very easy to put off this journey into eggdom, I decided that I better get started. Well, more accurately, Cynthia decided I should get started.

When I arrived home from work, I found her where I often do, in the kitchen up to her elbows in pots, pans, dishes, whisks, knivstainless steel mixing bowls, with one or more of her large collection of cookbooks open. This time, it was one of Julia Child's, specifically The Way To Cook.

I instantly had my normal reaction when I see this - here comes something yummy. However, as they say in the NFL, upon further review, I spied the eggs. Pretending to be nonplussed, I asked what she was making (all the time knowing this was to be my first real close encounter with eggs in more than a half a century). The answer: a classic cheese souffle!

Cyn explained that serving something with "cheesy goodness" might be a good way to take the focus off of the eggs. Sure, why not? I like cheese, no wait, I love cheese! Julia's recipe called for a classic Gruyere cheese.

Since we were having a salad of mixed organic greens on the side she informed me that if I didn't like the souffle, I could add tuna to my salad to get my protein. Nice, way to set a positive tone, right?

About 30 minutes later, this exited the oven. I have to admit, it looked beautiful and smelled really good.

Long story short - it was light and airy with a pleasant crust that added an alternative texture. I'll admit, I expected to taste something that would cause me to say, ahhhh, that's what eggs taste like. Well, in this case, at least to my taste, the eggs acted as a very subtle palette for the Gruyere, allowing its natural sweet/nutty flavor to shine. Two quite generous scoops later I was pretty sure I had taken the first step in banishing that irrational fear.

I'm not completely sure what's next, but I suspect breakfast will be involved.


  1. Can I ask you why you have fear of eggs? There are so many delicious recipes which include eggs in them.

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    1. Sure you can ask! It's all explained in my previous post here

      Thanks for reading my blog and asking!


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